A Superfood

Though the plant is relatively un-exploited, it has been used as human food and animal feed in many countries for centuries. Lately, it has gained acceptance as a superfood (whole fresh plant and dried powder) and we are exploring possibilities, both locally and internationally. Several studies are being carried out in Europe and in Israel about its positive effects on human health & well-being. It has very good jellification properties. According to a 2021 report, Israeli researchers found out that water lentils have a positive effect on diabetes control.

It is considered a climate-positive project, and UAE has the most required resources like sunlight and warm temperature. Some products which can be regarded as with relatively less processing are a whole fresh plant (as a salad – used in far east countries) and dry powder, which can be packed and sold as a food supplement (already in the market in the USA). The plant can be blended with flour or dairy for a protein-fortified product or a product like protein-rich pasta or bread, which we are currently working on in Europe. The protein isolate can be used for multiple applications like plant-based meat, dairy, egg white etc.